Brian Biery - Documentary Photographer


Brian Biery was the photographer for the book Power of One, written by Traude Gomez.

Brian shadow photographing a tent @ the Gerlach Summer Arts Festival '09

power of one

Power of One will give you renewed hope about where you live.
Power of One will prove that one person can make a difference.

about the book

  • How would you define community?
  • How do you create a supportive community?
  • What do you cherish about life in the place where you live?
  • Can one person make a difference?

Find out how thirty-one Pasadena community contributors approach these questions. Learn how they work to connect with others and find meaning in their lives.

We live in a time when ideas of community are breaking down as we rush through busy lives, driving out the garage each morning, driving back in each night only to disappear into the solitude of our homes, disconnected from our surroundings. Do we believe that nothing we do matters? Or do we roll up our sleeves and participate in the community? Do we get to know our neighbors? Do we feel powerful enough to initiate action on a local issue that we care about? Fortunately, plenty of citizens in Pasadena do, and this book will provide you with a snapshot of their meaningful lives and give you hope about the future.

All cities are filled with talented, passionate people who make a difference on a daily basis. Take a moment to identify who these folks are in your community and then imagine what your city would be like if they didn't exist! Power of One honors the work of these unsung heroes and, hopefully, will inspire others to achieve such significant accomplishments as well!

to order

To order Power of One at $35.00 per copy, please send an e-mail with contact information to .

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The POO Blog is designed to feature the stories of folks just like us who have a vision for how our world can be: a place that is fair and just to all of its residents. Everyone has a role to play and we all have the talents to fulfill them, sometimes we just need a bit of inspiration and encouragement in order to stay the course.

Each month we feature an amazing person from the Pasadena/Altadena community and describe a bit about how they are positively impacting our lives. In addition, they answer a few questions related to their passions and how they feel one individual can make a positive impact on the world. Also, there is an opportunity for readers to comment on these stories and suggest others for recognition or consideration. Finally, there will be regular updates on what the first batch of POO participants are dedicating their time to these dates. Visit the POO blog!